Tuesday, March 6, 2012

george siemens

moocs update

stephen..  MOOCs don’t change the nature of the game; they’re playing a different game entirely.
george...  Finding your way through, and making sense of, a chaotic landscape is the learning experience. Traditional learning design tries to reduce complexity. We try to increase awareness of complexity. Duplicating what someone else has decided is important is still a type of learning, but not one that exists outside of classroom settings. Real world learning is messy and chaotic.
george... What we lack in education today is the ability to envision a new future based on what technology allows us to do today. Jim Groom is right in stating that “And while I know it is far fro[m] perfect, I feel like the last two or three years have witnessed pretty amazing strides towards seeing some real possibilities for a technical and conceptual shift that can and will happen in institutions.”