Wednesday, March 7, 2012

  • “Cities at their best are systems and neighborhoods that enable lots of choices for people to live
  • while Glaeser does see reason for optimism Downtown, he notes that one key challenge for urban development here remains that of education and amenities within the city’s core for families with children. “In the long run, I continue to wonder how this will work for parents. The amenities that are needed by parents, who are a big part of the innovative world, are just very different. Bars are less important, even art galleries may be less important. Schools become incredibly important. And cities throughout this country have labored long and hard to actually make up for this incredible schooling problem that our system of schooling has created. That feels like a challenge,” he explains.
  • “Urban economy is not lead by city hall. It’s lead by ordinary people from the ground up coming up with new ideas and fulfilling their dreams.”
  •  leverage each other’s talents.”