Friday, December 7, 2012

your school design it


But flip the lens and that's exactly what we've been talking about...

Show idea? Ask Diane to be on the show?

Here's the Reuters piece:

would love to talk to diane.

[i love what she says here - that she's old enough that all that matters to her is doing good, no other agenda.]

the idea of a la carte is very dangerous if we don't get rid of the compulsory piece. it doesn't matter if you get to pick and choose if the menu wasn't created by you - for you - in the first place. [so she's spot on there.] it's a loose manipulation. if you're going to manipulate - a tight ship probably is best... for equity sake. ? i don't know.
the danger is in thinking we're getting at authentic choice. - krishnamurti - partial freedom is no freedom.
the only way to get people invested on a day to day basis... is to trust them to choose - without a [hidden or not] agenda. to allow them time and space to learn to listen to their gut... their own questions...their own curiosities. trust them to choose the question, any question, not to choose the program or method - to learn an assumed math or english or etc... assumed basic skill.
this won't work on an equitable scale [and i know she believes in equity - even though she thinks equity leans toward achieving certain basics] until we decide to quit measuring. until we decide to quit assuming basics.

the image - verbiage is getting closer ...

but this would be a mess - if people get to choose - but they don't.. really get to pick from anything. they don't get to follow their heart.

perhaps we try...