Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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pammoran (@pammoran)
12/18/12 6:33 AM
rereading this morning "don't blame autism for Newtown appreciating each child’s inimitable soul.."j.mp/12xgFLy

Rather than averting his eyes or staring, this stranger took the time to look, to notice and to share his appreciation of a child’s soul with his mother. The quality of that attention is what needs to be cultivated more generally in this country.
It could take the form of our taking the time to look at, learn about and celebrate each of the tiny victims of this terrible shooting. It could manifest itself in attempts to dismantle harmful, obfuscating stereotypes or to clarify and hone our understanding of each distinct condition, while remembering that no category can ever explain an individual. Let’s try to look in the eyes of every child we encounter, treat, teach or parent, whatever their diagnosis or label, and recognize each child’s uniqueness, each child’s inimitable soul.

Julie Schell (@julieschell)
12/17/12 4:40 PM
NYTimes: The Power of Concentrationnyti.ms/QZ49Sl

That’s the thing about mindfulness. It seems to slow you down, but it actually gives you the resources you need to speed up your thinking.

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
12/18/12 6:36 AM
Is World of Warcraft on Your Resume? ow.ly/gawng IBM is asking, "Why not?" v@kwheaton

Andrew Hyde (@andrewhyde)
12/17/12 4:42 PM
I hear there was some pitching at the last @igniteboulder. I think everyone that is guilty of this needs to apologize to the community.

: ) - cool.

royan lee (@royanlee)
12/17/12 3:35 PM
@johntspencer Could be most difficult education paradigm to transform, I reckon. #math

Rhett Allain (@rjallain)
12/18/12 6:31 AM
My estimation of the cost of electricity to run Christmas lights in the US. Bonus: Griswald's Christmas lights.bit.ly/VOnBym

Public Space Lab (@PublicSpaceLab)
12/16/12 11:42 PM
Top 100 Movers & Shakers In Public-Interest Design

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