Tuesday, December 11, 2012

connections - too big to know - too important to not

as explained on our site ..
We are experimenting with a grid of people, because there are so many involved. Once  you get to the people site (will take you there below) ... you should see a full screen of photos. you need to scroll down, scroll bar on right, so that all the 100+ photos load. Once all photos are loaded.. along the top, find drop down.. click on Label... and you should see the tiles move into groups, the people listed above gathered first - as a contact. Then we've grouped others into local & global lab people [meaning they are experimenting with us]; local & global advisors [meaning they are feeding us great insight]; and virtual advisors/authors [people we may have met or may not have, but their work has influenced us greatly], and then virtual organizations we are connected to.To check this out, click on people .
to Jerry, Kirill, Alex & Ruby: is there a way to embed any of your sites on a wordpress.com or .org?
instagrok, brain, hourschool?
so that they are actionable embedded on the site?

i think people need to see that connections, knowledge, et al, is too big to know. i think instagrok, the brain, ... great visuals that there is no beginning, no end...
so showing that on a site is huge. showing it messy, unfinished. is huge.
but also working it out.. so that nodes talk to each other, coding connects nodes..

i don't think people want to appear to be doing nothing. i think stress levels are high, because people are waiting for their people [to get off work, to get out of school, to rest up after a hard day of work/school, to wake up]. imagine if we helped people see the need for tech helping us create gatherings that matter - with our people.

Jerry: have you used the Rapportive plugin for Gmail? It automagically gives you all sorts of information about people in your email headers. Interestingly, they got bought by LinkedIn early this year.
Really like the sortable peoplecards in the app/site

Kirill:  I love the idea of visual, interactive people connector/navigator!
On a technical level, it's a bit tricky to do this automatically - i.e. making sure that the Google info is about the "right" person, especially for common names like "John Smith" - this is known as "named entity disambiguation". But we could probably start with a small subset of hand-picked people, perhaps using their LinkedIn profiles?


Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/11/12 7:00 AM
breaking news from recent cell phone convert: texting is weird. busily trying to convince some woman in ON that i am NOT her cousin Kim.

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/11/12 7:35 AM
@monk51295 first i tried "wrong number." which got me "what do you mean, wrong number? this is your cousin Sharon!"

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/11/12 7:35 AM
@monk51295 then i tried "i don't have a cousin Sharon." which she apparently thought was a joke.

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/11/12 7:36 AM
@monk51295 then eventually after i said, "no i am not the person you think," she said "oh, i must have the wrong number!" Abbott & Costello.

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/11/12 7:40 AM
@davecormier @hpstrawberries @monk51295 the fact that names are uncoupled from numbers in texting must create a lot of this...interesting.

how to make this happen.. today.
because waiting is silly.


  • Group: TED: Ideas Worth Spreading - Unofficial
  • Subject: A free mobile app to better connect us
Over the span of starting the group I’ve noticed numerous people posting discussions about connecting when going to TED conferences. I recently had the opportunity to download an app that integrates your general location and LinkedIn without being intrusive and keeping privacy as a priority. The application is called Here On Biz and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store here: http://goo.gl/SaaCc

The main reason why I want to introduce this app to the group is that it will help better connect us by proximity and at future events.

The basic overview of the app is, once downloaded, you sign in with your LinkedIn account, specify your settings which include your "home town" location, you can then edit other profile settings imported from LinkedIn like job title, groups you’re in, introduction, photo, etc. Once these parameters have been set the app will aggregate who out of your connections is also using the app and put them in your network section.

In the nearby section of the app it shows people in your area who are traveling, locals or app user's who have also checked into the same event that you’re attending (via an event check-in tool). Now, if you’re more than 50 miles from "home" and within 15 miles of another member of our group, the app will alert both of you that a possible connection exists. There’s still more to the app like the ability to chat with connections and more, but that’s the main gist.

Here are some articles about the app to reference ...
Mashable "This App Help's You Find Business Travelers Near You": http://goo.gl/0Udkk
Forbes “Here On Biz: Real-Time Networking For Execs”: http://goo.gl/tNVaL
Inc. “App Brings Location Awareness to LinkedIn”: http://goo.gl/UqyjL
Pando Daily “LinkedIn, Do You Know Where Your Users Are? Here on Biz Does”:http://goo.gl/NO6X4

I believe that this app will provide value to the group and I recently found out that a few other groups on LinkedIn are looking at using it as well some large organizations like Los Angeles Venture Association and Mensa have also approached Here On Biz.

Nick Smoot a fellow member of the group and co-founder of the app can answer any questions you may have. Feel free to post questions in our group under this post or join us on Wednesday, December 12th at 8am PST for a live chat in the thread (10am CST, 11am EST, 4pm GMT). Please do rate the app for Nick and his team to show our gratitude for them building this for people like us.

I hope that with the assistance of the group, and if you choose to use the app, it will turn some of these web based connections and discussions into real life experiences and hopefully friendships. So, go download it for free: http://goo.gl/SaaCc

Jacqueline Benson, Group Founder
TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – Unofficial LinkedIn Group