Wednesday, December 19, 2012

del the funky - on mentality

mentality of a rap

mc - better if you're focused with something to say, you gotta be doing it for you, then using the rhyme to entertain, keep the crowd engaged

rap - speak in a way that is convincing yet entertaining - fast talking, somehow street talk lifted to a science, not rapping for rich people, rapping for people that need a voice, and you have to have something that you want to say, you can say it however you want to say it

when hip hop came around i was like - wow - i didn't know you could do that.. i could say things in a rhyme

writing a rap

you have to think about the beat when you write it down
if it's not on beat - it's just talking

start with basic artists
if you have nothing to say - probably shouldn't be rapping...
aim to be entertaining, don't be too offensive
you're speaking for self and for your people

ipod/iphone is his paper
got something to say, got to write it down somewhere, so you can use it somewhere

easier to show you than try to explain

if you feel it and practice it to the beat, you'll start being to feel it in your head when you should stop- that's 16 bars...
a bar is four beats basically
listen to famous rappers and you'll learn the structure

there's only so much you can fit into a bar.. so you can't just keep writing and writing, you need to keep saying it
use multis - fairly addictive, fairly exquisite
real stuff - save the complaining that won't advance you

practice by actively listening to others
practice in front of others

thanks adam...