Friday, December 28, 2012

seth godin via anne mccrossan - icarus

here i made something.. and it might not work.
the challenge - to scale our work but to not industrialize it
capitalism (take capital & a project and make it into something that might not work) is very different than industrialism (not taking a risk) 
we have industrialized what the capitalists have made
upside of art - of capitalism - is increasing - but it's an artistic solve
the marketing of the future is the product, the service, not the talking about it (the advertising)
art - what is it we can do when we make something - that's worth talking about, might be a conference a new kind of steal, ... 
kevin kelly - as we roboticize everything, most productive people will figure out things robots can do...
relationship between humanity and machine
rushkoff's new book
just about all the famous charities are industrial, metrics, et al.
it's difficult when the stakes are high to say...

and yet - that's all that we're going to pay attention to.
put new interactions into the world.. interactions that are bigger than writing a check.
industrialists are that keen on philanthropists because it gets in the way of the consumption cycle
seek out and reward failure.


lovely interview dear..