Monday, December 10, 2012

kathleen taylor - rethinking bucket list

people at the end of their lives are incapable of bullshit.
become distilled persons of who they are
out of this sense of authentic self - people get incredibly courageous

they do brave stuff like change their mind, and apologize and live, find joy in the smallest moments.

as i lost so much, i finally started to find myself.

authenticity -

awaken to the precious ness of time

#1 - regret of dying - wish i would have lived myself.

become who we truly are

it's never too late.

but it's also - never too soon.

do you have to be dying to realize you are a soul..
let's not wait.

not - who am i supposed to be in my life? but who am i being with my life...
you really can't screw it up that way.

god shows up in us as us..

Kathleen Taylor
Kathleen Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit healthcare and social services sector. She currently directs the community engagement functions of a large nonprofit hospice organization. In her career, Kathleen has worked with children in foster care, teens in the juvenile justice system, people with traumatic brain-injuries, priests awaiting ordination, people who are dying and those that love them, faith communities, coalitions, healthcare organizations, first responders, women’s groups, public libraries, and even dental offices.

bravo - and exactly.. let's

authenticity and attachment.. let's not wait..