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JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
12/23/12 7:34 AM
Innovation in the Key of Learning! | Canadian Education Association (CEA)… via@TeachersApps

connect this to Seth on web design

At the centre of every acoustic guitar string is a steel core that is instrumental in the creation of bright and resonant sound. Take a look at the top two strings of a standard six-string instrument and you'll be able to see what that core looks like in its most innocent form: relatively thin, pure in construction; with just a little amount of tension they will produce a clear, relatively high-pitched sound. Moving across the fret board, the diameter of each string is gradually increased by winding another metal material around the core. The slight change in the thickness of each successive string provides a deeper, more resonant sound, requiring a little more tension to create the desired pitch. While many factors contribute to the sound quality of an acoustic guitar, significant credit can be attributed to the strings and, in particular, that pure steel core around which everything else is wound.
perhaps why we see tech as less than it is.. 
it wants to help us get back to us.. not back to the classroom... no?
Canadian Teacher Federation researcher, Bernie Froese-Germain challenges the idea that innovation is dependent on technology. While technology could act as a resource in the process of educational change it is not, in itself, the real innovation. In fact, without appropriate, ongoing support for educators, technology will continue to have very little effect at the classroom level. Froise-Germain is insistent that an important part of innovation in education must be a focus on the learning relationship that is grounded in a connection between curriculum and pedagogy. 

ah.. Bryan Jackson
Finally, Bryan Jackson reflects out loud on his own journey as a teacher who has been deeply moved by what can happen when both educator and student are engaged in creating communities grounded in trust and empathy and gathered around a common purpose. For Jackson, what started as an assignment to offer a guitar class turned into something much more, and that something allowed students to begin to see themselves as the inventors of a learning space that extended well beyond what the course was originally intended to do and be. The resulting story is, at once, inspired and inspirational!

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/23/12 7:36 AM
teaching students to reduce "info noise" biggest responsibility of 21st century teacher? certainly my big challenge.…

what if rising to the top of the noise... is simply.. folding ba ck into yourself.
then you are the expert.. today.. and ongoingly...

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
12/22/12 8:36 AM
CLAY CHRISTENSEN: Our Obsession With Efficiency Is Killing Innovation…

Daniel Pink (@DanielPink)
12/22/12 8:37 AM
Gangnam Style becomes first video to hit 1 billion views on YouTube ... @BBC)

Mary Ann Reilly (@MaryAnnReilly)
12/23/12 7:14 AM
Helpful via @BillCrosby LinkedIn. Have a look at this which will help you dial it in next

Clay Forsberg (@clayforsberg)
12/23/12 7:20 AM
"Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals." - Samuel Ullman. @JohnnyFocal