Sunday, September 16, 2012

ted hughes

oh my...
read. and read. and read again.

this is nclb..

was going to post some... here... but it's all good.. so go to brainpickings... then to his book?

fitting with this i-want-to-put-you-in-a-category
perhaps we start to question that.. acknowledge it's not boding us well.
perhaps we make up for the overwhelming-ness by learning to swim in vulnerability.
my category is human.. ? nice to meet up with you.

fitting with this from shirky earlier as well..

imagine a new nclb... imagine people actually have time to hangout..
because the policy et al that categories create - are acknowledged as not us..?

ellen langer:
prejudice decrease as discrimination increases...

redefine public ed - nclb - being known by someone, talking to yourself daily.