Friday, September 7, 2012

steve hargadon - hacking city by city

cool venture..
definitely go to link above.. see what you think.. offer him suggestions.

it's made us think of doing a fri night open mic night:
youth (you to whatever degree) share fears, share curiosities by voicing them on stage, but also via something like this:
photo taken by Gabe at burning man, see 

as well as a similar board: your curiosities facilitated here daily/weekly..

then sat - steve's workshop ideas...
we take 5 or 10 ideas and model how we can facilitate curiosities..
do a walk through of what we see the app doing.

use the brain to create a kid, their curiosity, mock up the life in a week of the kid
monday talk into app, leaving trail of this curiosity..

app starts the above web trail for Joe, who is 15 and plays in a band, and seeks to find others in town with similarities.. like maybe this one from Sally, who is 52 and works for Avago technologies,..

they each get a notice to meet at the downtown maker space (or library or pie shop) at 11 on wed, which is a designate safe space (staffed by screen checked district volunteers),
if they chose to talk on line before meeting, get each others email or text #

this happens daily, so over time, people learn that meeting up and it not working out (ie: no desire to keep meeting up) is fine. the next day will bring more connections.

and the app - gathering curiosities/noticings daily... keeps adding on to each person's web, crafting, by default (ie: not by the person waking up everyday and deciding what nodes or badges they want, focus on just being curious/noticing), a non-linear portfolio-ish in perpetual beta.

the brain allows you to the search via tag words, and nodes from that person relating to your search come forefront.

will craft a better post on just this soon... and link it back here..

so then.. by the end of the sat session..
we have walked through several different scenarios... for day 1, week 1, to 1 yr later, 5 yrs later..

be you web

the pleasure of finding things out.. that's how this sustains itself..
imagining a happy feynman.