Wednesday, September 5, 2012

curiosity/noticing chamber

grazie Michael..
your prototype already has me thinking more clearly about this.

so - i'm imagining something more of a chamber...
i'm thinking we don't need another sharing device...
or place to read what others are thinking. (that can clog up our mind with chatter)
we need a space that when we go there - we feel like we're the only ones there... we can practice being just us.. thinking alone.

so that we start truly talking to ourselves.. about what matters..
finding what we notice... what we are curious about..

then the machine.. some objective party... pulls out recurring ideas/thinking/curiosities and connects you to others thinking the same.

i'm even thinking that they just sent you a place to meet up... the device doesn't need to connect you online.

so we program in 5-10 types of spaces in the city.. or perhaps just 5-10 meet up spaces. or 1 meet up space...
the machine finds like thinking, determines a time and suggests you go there.

dave said he didn't like the lack of space for his personal identity, well what if it's his chamber, and no other identity is needed. what if we gain our thumbprint by focusing less on our identity - because today i think a lot of us - create an identity for approval. hopefully - this chamber - this space no one knows about - gets us away from thinking of accolades and credentialing - and gets us simply into our own minds - into what matters to us... that's the data we're seeking here...
what matters to you...
that's the piece we want to experiment with - what if that is how people are connected - so that no extrinsic motivation is needed.

you talk into this chamber daily... what are you noticing/curious about
the machine creates a mesh network around you... with your noticings.

we program the machine to inform like-noded people to meet up at certain times in safe spaces in the city.. just to see if they want to take their curiosity/noticing any further.

if they did.. the next days/weeks noticings/curiosities would probably include what they are now doing with these people (assuming they took it somewhere) and so now these people and what they end up doing together become nodes as well..

the ongoing results..

  • encouragement to talk to just you
  • gatherings that matter - per choice
  • mesh networks around the individual.. platform in the person's head.. via their talking daily into their echo chamber...  as a trail of where you've been (the brain-ish)

you could search a persons network with tag words.. see what nodes come to the forefront.. what they've thought about/done and people they've met up with.

feedback from many worried about safety..
suggestion to have the option:

  • i want to be connected to a live person right away - ie: first response is meet at this location at this time.. so that there is no virtual/online/texting correspondence, the first connection is in a life/local/public space facilitated by city volunteers
  • i want to be able to communicate virtually/online/texting before i meet the person face to face

also - posting findings and updates here...