Saturday, September 15, 2012

pat farenga

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Pat Farenga and his wife have three girls, ages 23, 20, and 17. In addition to writing for GWS for twenty years, he has written many articles and book chapters for publications as diverse as Mothering magazine, Paths of Learning magazine, Home Education MagazineThe Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society and The Encyclopedia of School Administration. He has also published and edited several popular books about homeschooling including his own book, The Beginner’s Guide To Homeschooling. Farenga’s recent work includes a cassette tape, A History of Homeschooling and How You Can Become Part of It (Tape one of The Singing Turtle Homeschool Starter Kit, 2002) and a chapter in A Parent’s Guide To Homeschooling (Mars Publishing, 2002). His most recent book isTeach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling (Perseus, May 2003). Farenga wrote the article about homeschooling for the International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd Edition, due in Fall, 2009.

Farenga also appears on local and national television and radio shows as a homeschooling expert; he has appeared on The Today ShowThe Voice of America, NPR's The Merrow Report, and CNN's Parenting Today. Farenga has been quoted as an expert on homeschooling many times in the national media. Farenga has addressed audiences about homeschooling and the work of John Holt throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Italy.

Farenga now works as a writer, speaker, and education consultant. for the latest writing and information about Pat's work

work with children or on children
teach your own, john holt
how children fail, john holt

how you treat a child more important than how you teach them

illich was a huge changer for him.. ended up moving to live near him..                      escape from childhood.. john holt, after spending time with illich
instead of education... john holt, getting away from compulsory schools
schools are great.. just get rid of compulsion

1976 - growing without school

john didn't have his own children,, and didn't study ed

steve - did that give him the objective (non fatigued) vision.. more a grandparent take

holt thought not being trained in ed was one of his strengths..
same as sugata mitra - he was a physicist

2 mill homeschoolers, 2% of school pop
more homeschoolers than montessori and waldorf et al combined

we don't give kids enough space to play

people are social, they learn from being with people
but not grouped in classrooms with like age

the whole social nature of a child's life - play - has been sabotaged by institution of school

steve's chore issue has been agency

grandparent piece

the way you get good at making choices.. agency.. is by having a lot of choices to make

pat's daughter didn't take any math, then later when found she needed it.. took 6 months to catch up to her college class.

steve - parent that had never asked her son what he wanted to do.

the institution gets so big it causes the problems.. illich

small is beautiful
creates more jobs for teachers.. but requires openess - that not everyone is certified teacher.. not all classrooms have same age..