Monday, September 10, 2012

simpler to go to the limit..

shorter, (seth) simpler (head straight to limits - bypass exponentiation even), truer (imagine trail vs credentialing - because our lives are that rich)

spurred on by -

blurry-ness of photobooth on my laptop - clearer vision wasn't about searching the menu for a technical adjustment - i just needed to wipe the lens.

and this:
Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
9/10/12 6:19 AM
MOOC effects...what will colleges sell? RT @deandad
Competing with "free," part one:…“free”-part-one

imagine we bypass the whole credentialing idea - worrying about all that has been - just into what we all know, what we all are craving, for ourselves and our children... full lives
imagine we bypass exponentiation even... stacking credentials et al.. and jump right to the limit by incrementing so small - as to facilitate curiosities person by person... people so engaged in rich and full lives - swimming in perpetual beta - that the credentialing piece is no longer a part of the convo.. no longer eating up our time/money/people.
we do spend so much time on policy/proof - and it's killing us..

Hans Rosling (@HansRosling)9/8/12 4:42 AMWorld Health gets better. But as infections deaths falls suicides increases. Now 1 million die from suicides each year…

and this: