Wednesday, September 5, 2012

brent cameron

the emperor has no clothes.. no?
years of stripping away our authenticity.
something was missing.. something had gone to sleep.
you don't change society by tearing things down, you change society by building something different.
the absurdity that adults perpetuate even though you know it's not true
9:36 - the curriculum totally emerged...
kids hire mentors 
12 min in - virtual high 1995 - 7 teenager write about their vision.. in vancouver
learned about learning.. how to learn
when young people start finding out about themselves.
2002 - started offering online
2009 - 85 educators.. learning consultants
k-12 learning experience that isn't about curriculum
if ed was enterpreneurial - ed would be knocking down our doors
8 kinds of learning.. when free to learn
leave school and get in touch with designing self

thank you Gina