Friday, September 7, 2012

loocs and moocs

Sidneyeve Matrix (@sidneyeve)
9/7/12 6:00 AM
Say hello to LOOC, MOOCs' little brother. Small scale, high touch, open courses at U. of Thx @dwicksspu

graphic is interesting...

to me - even more interesting -  how much time we spend on defining things..
and then arguing about the defintions [ie: who invented them and should get credit for them - don't we realize we're a tiny dot.. nothing new really]

if we didn't have all the policy, if we shared more, would we really need all the definitions and policy and definitions of policy and policy for the definitions...?

what if - we found we have all we need - once we gave up.. all these things that we don't really need..

and more...

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
9/7/12 6:03 AM
curiouser & curiouser - xMOOCs & credits. MT @markgr
Udacity: US University Will Accept Transfer Credit for One…

interesting csu global