Sunday, September 30, 2012

jabiz raisdana - connected learning

alan, alec, bud, howard, jabiz, jim (melanie on the invite)

very cool watching jabiz, having gone through this same experience, where now you are the one pulling people together to share, so you are leading your guru leaders in a discussion, or moreso, calling them together in order to take them in.. it's this high, sur-realness. i love that he said: i have nothing formal planned.. i'm just hoping i know enough about this that it will make sense.. always a risk that it could fail big, or be big (my translation)

19 min ish in - the idea of a playspace where you're writing to the air..
realize/accept - that you could have an audience or not.. writing for self
free space..

bud hunt has a great post on the session here: habit vs series of events
school and not school
school is authentic.. what's not fitting is the power element..  [30ish min in]

30:48 - howard - the difference between an audience and a public
public is more of hagel's allure - not only an allure - but a back and forth and ongoing convo

33 min - jabiz - having a space to work through your writing.

33:27 - alan - rather than getting this shiny thing, for alan - valuable to be wrong in public, "let's be human out there - let people see the full range of our development"

34:20 - bud - totality of work that is bigger than one or two posts.. easier to take that risk...

38 - jim - so many ways to use a space

43 - bud - huge - blog as a tract home.. not a home a house.. that they leave after assignment/class (my translation) 

love this.. again from bud's reflection of jabiz's hangout:
I said during the webinar that I felt like the infrastructure that we build, support and maintain should feel more like an invitation than an obligation.  We should make spaces and places on the Web where we’d actually like to spend time, and we should be working to bring other folks in to the party.  I think that’s the kind of work that Jim and Alan do.  They play in public and invite others to play along.  I think that Jabiz does that in his classroom.

48 - jabiz - huge - the question on - 14 yr old mind on line - what about future employers seeing this.. that's changing.. it's more authentic you.. we're realizing that hospitality and you as a whole person creates a better match anyway... less contrived. via jim - blurring the line of academic/non academic, personal/professional

50- alec - end up with sanitized profiles, being in this home online - helps you become.. perhaps even more important than the idea of doing it all for a future employer (my translation), a space that allows us to learn better with others

52 - alan - isn't that the ultimate for these spaces.. pile of creations - we get to decide and shape -

53 - bud - if we want students to choose - sometimes it's to not be online, forcing choice is messy

53 - jabiz - keep hearing melanie's voice - on finding voice

55 - jim - a space where you own everything and you decide where/when to share, wonder how much blogging has laid foundation of owning, so we can use, like how much electricity do we use, - a management system for you..

58 - howard - to jabiz - how do you get to beyond a grade, beyond - the teacher wants me to do this. jabiz: give them ownership of the class, making rubric, et al (sounds m wesch-ian), even when we try to empower kids, we come to them with our ideas, so trying to flush that out ..

thanks guys.. sorry i missed it live.
important stuff.