Wednesday, September 26, 2012

moocs - history

distributed the platforms...
decentralized structure

currently working an an #unmooc
  - via alec

put comments on own blog - we'll aggregate them put them in.. so sessions aren't spent spinning wheels (my translation)

reference bon stewarts posts on moocs

Mark McGuire 6:19 PM
It's like extending a home or café into a city - the difference in scale creates something different in kind.

distributing the course over the web - to allow for agency

Peggy George 6:20 PM
in case you missed the link--the Mightybell site for resources about MOOC and a place to continue conversation later:

openness allows for mentors from all over

xmoocs - content - have to grow beyond content..

Alec Couros 6:40 PM
Put learner in the middle of that diagram - and around her, various MOOC experiences, informal f2f opportunities, job experience, formal education, etc. ... bring that all into once space, have it assessed, and then take that to your future employer. Let the monopoly of accreditation die a quick death.

Alec Couros 6:29 PM
if i failed to make any point strongly, I believe that learners really must have their own spaces for learning, reflection, etc. ... essential not just for MOOCs but for identity/citizenship.

Steve Ransom 6:31 PM
@Andrew... I wonder that as well. For those new to this more self-directed and connected learning, it can be overwhelming
Diethild 6:31 PM
@Andrew, getting lost is part of the process.

minh 6:33 PM
It is not possible to overestimate tha learning that goes on amongst lurkers

steve asks - what does open mean - dave says - getting in semantic debates aren't beneficial.. (my translation) - debate creates sides.. doesn't bring people in

Mark McGuire 6:53 PM
xMOOCs are in the mall, near the picturesque fountain. cMOOCs are the connected cities that contain them.

Mark McGuire 6:54 PM
xMOOCs open the door to the lecture theatre; cMOOCs open the door to learning.

6:55 PM
cMOOCs invite immersion in self-organising criticality

break the curriculum up - and people mobilize it - via dave
destabilize the hierarchy

revenue is in the credentialing - fee is in the assessment as opposed to for the learning

Audrey Watters 6:45 PM
interesting that those in the Social Network Analysis Coursera class today got an email warning us NOT to collaborate or "overshare"

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