Thursday, September 20, 2012

bif 8

oh my. trip in.. lovely traveling with my dear mentor Amy. bus to biltmore.. not next to tony.. my agenda... but rather next to jeff.. random and unlikely connection... a bif-like agenda... no doubt. [mtg with act innovator team.. they may help with app. self assess vs standardized assess. how ironically cool would that be?] meet up with idea rock stars.. Adam, Scott (who is speaking in two days at tedxyouth with Seth and sam), and Dana, at coolest vegan eatery. innobeer.. finally mtg local boulderite Andrea. lovely. hugging al.. day 1 loving Saul on video. go bif team.. great idea. opening words.. bif isn't an event.. it's a community. killer trend.. organizing networks. going big and small co-created by us. less event ... more community. why do you do what you do..? (pic of his grand twins) the power of stewardship.. leaving things better and we have a sense of urgency... a decade is a Terri le thing to waste. like any good catalyst... get the reaction started and get out of the way. Carne Ross - a very gentle anarchism Robin Chase - peers Inc.. doing all the stuff that a company finds expensive to do.if you get the platform right ... people can exponentiate. Andrew Hessel - kept hearing rhizomes... ie: every time cells divide.. have to rewrite a new geno.. the rewriting.. perpetual beta... makes it a living cell Darell Hammond - on his experience growing up:it struck my justice nerve. huge on Colin ward ..child in the city.. (hearing @rogre 's book as well) David Stull - thru music.. product of their work becomes a sense of their potential.. a safe vulnerability. Jeremy Heimans - (loved his presentation mode... it was face to face.. his videos showed us history of himself) entrepreneurialism.. showing up with nothing.. and doing stuff. how you can be more... be: purposeful, entrepreneurial, ny Rudy, transnational Sherry Turkle - can't have participatory community unless you can talk to each other. couldn't be fully present unless they were also absent. they wanted to know who wanted them. student: we are not as strong as tech's pull. interest: reclaiming convo and community Jeffrey M Sparr - rethinking mental illness (totally.. Cathy Davidson's post on: standardizing humanity.. if there are no standards.. do learning disabilities exist) peace in mind ... love in your heart. Mark Freeman - loved MC Bateson quotes: stretched midlife so long, in desperate need for punctuation. and: active wisdom. now.. when you realize what matters... still have time left to live it out. (city as school feeds this) Lara Lee - you can't turn a bike unless you lean in. lean into fear. Dries Buytaert - how to build a great community... unplug the server. it takes open source to licence fee/ regs. open source is an unstoppable trend. Tony Hsieh - a great brand is a story that never stops unfolding. (total city as school)city hub..lab.. don't know where it startsnor where it ends. roi to roc.. return on community.4 min mile... thought it was impossible till someone did it.. then others did it... belief that it's possible. Mike Lowinger - gotta have sole. Hillary Salmon - why not.. Valdis Krebs - event organizers don't care about connections ... they just care about the nodes. tweet from Saul he used: serendipity as service. (this was the be app as groundhog day)how to do random luck as a service.serendipity isn't's already out there... just need to unclothe it ( what tech wants to help us with) Tom Yorton - improv(e) your innovation. be nimble. rapid prototyping. yes and. what I love (one of the many thongs) about bif... i can explain what we're doing with our obscure quiet revolution.. by referencing bif stories.. and by referencing #bmif... love that. grazie all... more to come.