Friday, September 7, 2012

innovative behaviors modeled

Martin King (@timekord)
9/6/12 6:35 AM
"leaders of innovative companies consciously set the example by modeling innovation behaviors"

For example, Fabrizio Freda, CEO of Estee Lauder (# 23 this year; #44 last year) excels at challenging the status quo by “playing the outsider.”   He learned this lesson early in his career, as he moved fromProcter & Gamble to Gucci SpA and back to P&G.  “The experience outside [P&G] gave me a lot more authority in challenging the status quo,” says Freda, “I stayed the challenger forever.”

What we do know as we wait is that if company leaders don’t “get” innovation by doing it themselves, the rest of the organization doesn’t stand a chance.

Benioff’s skill as an innovator has helped Salesforce generate a high innovation premium but if he doesn’t unleash the creative capacity of his employees through innovation processes Salesforce will be unable to sustain its high premium.

everyone has to be swimming in it.. for sustainability.. but also for quality of life.. no?

the vulnerability of innovating.. taking old things into a new space.. is the moving part, the movement, the keeps you in this aliveness...
this perpetual beta.

to optimize.. everyone gets to swim...