Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ewan mcintosh - immersion


great videos on site - by ewan on immersion, by sugata mitra, and then my fave:

with this description:

Last year, while sitting with Sugata in a pre-keynote speakers' room, I showed him a video I had shot in the car a few months previously. It is my daughter Catriona, sitting in her seat, singing along to the Beatles. The interesting thing is that she knows all the words to the song, verbatim, having never been taught them. Not only that, but having not had a CD player in the house since she was born, and having only just got a CD player in the new car, she had never heard this music before, either. Except for the nine months she was in the womb, when we did have a CD player in the house.
perhaps we deliberately don't teach.
perhaps we focus more on facilitating curiosities.