Saturday, July 7, 2012

misfit inc

aj - did everything i was supposed to on the road to money - and day 2 on the job - it hit me.. this isn't me
melissa - doing stuff that matters - with each other...
melissa - i would rather live under the booklyn bridge with the real you than the guy you were
aj - the day you realize if you don't stop what you are doing today - you will never be the person you were meant to be
melissa - the energy comes from wanting to leave the thing you are in... the idea of staying in that is much more terrifying than going to the ne
ha - aj - i still have to expaciate? my sin there 
aj - we have daily conversations of where we feel like we are... it's what you don't want. most people want to scale. .. people don't always want to
jonathan - having this person - that can say - remember those things that really matter to us 
25 min in - disaggregated funding.. tell the story - let others crowdsource funding
melissa - to me a good life is what we're doing now - doing what matters - being together
aj - not living the life that everyone else intended for you - being deliberate 
jonathan - a lot of people don't ask the question - what makes a good life - because they know the answer they're going to get would require substantial disruption

AJ Leon (@ajleon)
7/7/12 6:20 AM
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