Sunday, July 29, 2012


Roger Schank (@rogerschank)
7/29/12 5:46 AM
Is Algebra Necessary?
(the NY Times actually prints an important idea about education)…

i would even question the last paragraph - long division.

  & if it works for x&y=0, is that proof enough? what is proof? I'm thinking fixation on proof takes us to poverty.

what is proof of anything doing to us?

yong zhao

we're spending so much time and money on something most of us never use..
let's talk to ourselves about that... let's respectfully question that.
and ongoing.

i'm so surprised we haven't pushed past this ...
it seems so convoluted, (et al), so clear. so simple.

and now i hear descartes.. (and argyris) warning that we veer from simplicity, because then we appear ignorant to others. ie: no one ever believes in simplicity.

umair haque (@umairh)
8/7/12 5:15 PM
Yet, despite our disillusionment, we're not ready to face the challenge of challenging the illusion.

not that anything is good or bad..
the compulsion of something deemed necessary for all - is what's killing us.. no?