Friday, July 13, 2012

jane mcgonigal

top 5 regrets of the dying:
1. i wish i hadn't worked so hard.
2. i wish i'd stayed in touch with my friends.
3. i wish i'd let myself be happier.
4. i wish i'd had the courage to express my true self.
5. i wish i'd lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what everyone else expected of me.

top 5 traits of post tramatic growth:  (we usually hear about post-tramatic stress disorder)
1. my priorities have changed, not afraid to do what makes me happy
2. i feel closer to my friends and family
3. i understand myself better, i know who i really am now
4. i have a new sense of meaning and purpose
5. i'm better able to focus on my goals and dreams

direct opposites.. no?

after playing her game - talked about feeling:
stronger and braver
better understood

is there a way to get the post tramatic growth traits w/o the trama

four types of resilience to get to this post tramatic growth [first 4 super better quests]
1. physical - not sit still for longer than an hour.. every second you don't sit still you improve [crazy how school does the opposite]
2. mental - willpower like a muscle, tackling a tiny challenge w/o giving up - no matter how silly
3. emotional - experience 3 positive for every 1 negative
4. social - gratitude, touch even better, shaking hand for 6 seconds, raises level of oxitocyn - level of trust and wanting to help each other

people who regularly boost these live 10 yrs longer than everyone else

if you are regularly doing 3 to 1, never sitting still for longer than 1 hour at a time, reaching out to at least one person a day, tackling tiny goals to boost will power...

Reality is broken, says Jane McGonigal, and we need to make it work more like a game. Her work shows us how.  (great read if you haven't - reality is broken)