Sunday, July 22, 2012

schmidt & thiel

Dinner and Debate with Eric Schmidt and Peter Thiel from Fortune Conferences and Fortune Conferences on

via Karl Fisch's ed bubble post

listened to this debate in the middle of the night. I do believe ours is a narrative that would bring them together..

huge to doc searls intention economy - perhaps we don't run for things so much - perhaps we don't hold so many offices - perhaps we don't spend our time securing credentials et al - perhaps they just happen as we do things that matter - toma? jerry?

more on this redefine ed from Cathy - via her latest post on moocs

  • Media expert and prognosticator Clay Shirky likes to say that "institutions tend to preserve the problems they were created to solve." 
  • Thomas Friedman has written recently that "big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary."  
  • David Theo Goldberg and I (we cofounded HASTAC together in 2002) have said, in the Future of Thinking, that "institutions are mobilizing networks. 

we're thinking - for intention/passion to create gatherings that matter.. like seeclickfix is helping government or dismantling the need for big government..

perhaps we're just working on ridding ourselves of capital letters? no?

dewey - the purpose of public education is a democratic society

makes me think of this:
capitals make us look more like the left side.. i'm thinking..