Tuesday, July 24, 2012

detox app

Don Tapscott (@dtapscott)
7/24/12 6:31 AM
How elections launch tech startups

why google? thinking like this: election-startup-obama - best minds in tech - ie: optimizely - dan siroker from google, seth bannon - amicus

what we're working on in re: detox app

we would love help with this. we believe it could change the world.. seeing as how ed is the #2 market in the US at 1.3 trillion. and more important - that it takes up 90% of people's 16,000 hours - where they could be becoming expert at the thing they can't not do - their art.

trying to get an idea for a phone or website app to walk people through daily talks with themselves - so that the tech can then 
1) connect them to their people 
2) leave a trail of their intentions (to replace diploma/degree/et al)
what do you think?

we're imagining this app as a means to facilitate the chaos as we redefine public ed:declaration of interdependence

we're also imagining it a better way to facilitate curiosities, create gatherings that matter - globally. esp vs our current way of schooling the world...