Sunday, July 22, 2012

networked individualism

this is networked individualism... declaration of interdependence via detox:

Bob Kegan also provides a useful lens for change. He is a developmental psychologist and he argues that the demands of living and working in the 21st Century are unlike anything expected of humans ever before. He talks about how a ‘socialised mind’ (doing as you are told) has been sufficient for most adults to cope in the past, yet today we need more and more adults to develop what he terms a ‘self-authoring’ mind. This change cannot be achieved through training or workshops and it is only likely to be achieved through one on one coaching/mentoring, close collaborative groups, and reflection. He uses the metaphor of a bridge, where it is incumbent upon those over the bridge to head back onto the bridge and hold out a hand to help others take the steps to get on the bridge themselves.
I think Ben Jones nailed a few things in this blog post when he wrote about change not occurring via keynote speakers earning $10,000 a pop, but through people identifying a need within their area of responsibility, finding a mentor or coach, and then proceeding to incrementally improve things.

learning compulsory
attendance voluntary

Mitchell Squires (@MitchSquires)
7/22/12 7:15 AM
Why Should We Change Anything?