Tuesday, July 17, 2012

aspen ideas festival 2012

Aspen Ideas Festival (@aifestival)
7/16/12 3:32 PM
We're likely to see the end of physical currency in our lifetimes, aided by mobile. - @marissamayer at#AspenIdeas ow.ly/chmRz

Jennifer Pahlka - code for america
about 13 in - more timely, less costly 
scott silverman - beautiful - easy to use - on the video for
and then 15 min in - the different sources of different info
28 in - architecture of participation
39 in - don't want to burn down government - want to edit it - embrace government as a gardner
53 in - have to push from transparency to participation 

ed nation
hmm - about standards?...
11 in - miles - learning is social - web is social -
13 in - joanne
how disappointing guys... let's open up the convo past common core and testing - this? at aspen ideas festival? - and ed nation nbs news..
14 in - talking kipp schools
16 - oh my - that is what's different - that the common core is making teachers thirsty for tools?

i don't think anyone is thirsty for integration.. they are thirsty for freedom. freedom to think for themselves.. let's facilitate curiosities

what's different is the web.. is allowing us to connect... so no need for a common core. we can now go off networked individualism

so amazed at this conversation. that this is at an ideas conference. it's an old conversation.

ok 18:45 - equity piece - good - but again - behind..

then guy that followed - do we need developers?

oh my - 21:30 - cost - then goes into paying for

29:45 - nbc gal asking for evidence.. but she sets up how to measure - by scores,
if schools stay the same - why is a drop out rate or a graduation rate indicative of anything

34 in - the core is the what the tech is the how. dang.

42 - most beneficial - stay with common core
43 - use tech to design evaluation systems
doesn't matter if we improve - if it wasn't a co-created definition of success - or what we're working toward - no?

1:10 - panelist says - blogging is going to be transformative for kids - but that's in infancy.. ?