Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VC 9.3 Interview Stephen Downes

1. what are the most important cognitive skills in the information overload society?
  • selection
  • pattern recognition (intuitive/empathetic responses)
2. for people who are used to social media, information overload can be challenging. what would you suggest to someone who is just getting into this information overload?
how to prepare – practice and reflect
(give people a hope, a model to emulate – model and demonstrate)
ie: mooc is not trying to get content into people, it’s about model your practice, the process of thinking like… whoever is leading the mooc.. 
3. how do you foresee the future of schools, businesses and governments in the web 2.0 society?
i’d like to think they’ll change.. but we kept kings long after they were useful
some companies are moving toward decentralization..