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‘A network reflects on itself to create itself. It creates its own “what is”’ — G. Siemens

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Oakland passed an #opendata law recently that was by the people and for the people. Here's how they did it:

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Innovation Imperative: Change Everything

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Three Useful Common Core “Cheat Sheets”

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can we hear ourselves?...

What Jazz Can Teach Business About Innovation

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what might happen if we tried to cheat something like jazz. is there a cheat sheet for improve.

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
11/3/13 5:34 AM
the everyday motion of artifacts: the proximity of entrances and exits (the only…

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
11/3/13 5:34 AM
the everyday motion of artifacts: the kindness school (beyond the archeology of…

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
11/3/13 5:24 AM
Teacher Quality, Wiggins and Hattie: More Doing the Wrong Things the Right via @plthomasEdD

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11/2/13 11:57 PM
NEW POST: Special Edition Of Good Posts & Articles On Education…

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11/3/13 5:25 AM
What We Know Now (and How It Doesn't Matter) via@plthomasEdD

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11/3/13 5:26 AM
This Is the Problem via@plthomasEdD

Graham Farmelo (@grahamfarmelo)
11/3/13 12:29 AM
Price of 1Gb of storage:
1981 $300000
1987 $50000
1990 $10000
1994 $1000
1997 $100
2000 $10
2004 $1
2012 $0.10
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Seb Paquet (@sebpaquet)
11/3/13 6:43 AM
birds flock together to form a MASSIVE bird to escape a falcon. AMAZING!…

Certainly in a world without zombies, Carol has no justification for murder and burning the corpses, but in the realities of The Walking Dead, context dictates behaviors—and colors our judgment of those behaviors.

setting free via a not ridiculous experiment..
changes if you are awake...

Free will and choice—like rationality—are bound by context. But neither free will nor choice is basic to being human since our basic human nature consists of those thing about which we have no real choice.
? - perhaps only because we've made choices scarce..
Choice, in fact, is not an essential aspect of a free people. Choice is the result of a free people collectively insuring that all people have the essentials of life protected so that the human longing to choose becomes possible and even ethical.
Living in constant vigilance against the threat of zombies, ironically, reduces all living humans to their basic compulsions, rendering even living humans more zombie-like than they would want to admit: zombies are only consumers, and humans living under the threat of zombies are primarily survivors.
Living under the weight of poverty is a very real condition that zombie narratives represent in metaphor.
The Walking Dead‘s central relevance as it speaks to the power of poverty is that becoming a zombie in this narrative is simply the result of dying; everyone is a potential zombie (unlike the traditional need to be bitten by a zombie). Zombies in The Walking Dead and poverty, then, are unavoidable and pervasive.
Depending on evidence instead of metaphor, with unintended zombie flair, Mullainathan and Shafir argue, “Scarcity captures the mind.”
Zombie narratives as well as Mullainathan and Shafir’s work on scarcity help highlight an understanding of poverty that rejects stereotypes as well as what people and children living and learning in poverty need: Their state of scarcity must be alleviated.
yes. that. return turtle shells.
But that goal cannot be achieved within a deforming idealism that asks impoverished people to live as if poverty doesn’t exist, that asks children living in poverty to pretend they are not impoverished during the school day. It deserves repeating: “One cannot take a vacation from poverty.”
Join #MacFellow/@reddit Ask Me Anything w/ psychologist Angela Duckworth & economist Roland Fryer Nov. 8 #education

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Deeply painful article by @sarahkendzior We are devaluing people not skills. <-Hard truths to read,harder to live.

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