Thursday, November 7, 2013


Audrey Watters (@audreywatters)
11/4/13 7:58 PM
I disagree w/@anya1anya plenty but this argument that she's beautiful but ignorant of edu is misogynist BS…

Jazzcode (@jazzcode)
11/5/13 7:17 AM
Brilliant post by @dscofield at Harvard Business Review´s blog where she talks about the need to let go …

ninethousandone (@icpchad)
11/5/13 10:04 PM
Players require the Machine's permission to get into the game, but no one needs permission to quit playing. (@Salon)
11/6/13 6:35 AM
The wonderful and absurd story behind the creation of "Minecraft," the "game that changed everything" via @koxinga21

Carmen A. Medina (@milouness)
11/6/13 6:40 AM
An unpleasant story. Wife of NRA top brass becomes anti-gun

David Warlick (@dwarlick)
11/6/13 6:42 AM
Now here's a flexible classroom "Traffic safety being taught in a Swedish school, 1943"

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
11/6/13 6:45 AM
“it’s useful to recall that many of the greatest minds planned to fritter away parts of their day” -@siobhanphillips…

Democracy Now! (@democracynow)
11/6/13 6:45 AM
LIVE: "You can't treat the whole black & Latino community as if they are about to commit a crime," says NYPD officer.

can/should we even treat anyone as a separate community.
aren't we.. us..
us.. or a thumbprint..
hard to be prejudiced with that mindset... no?

HuffPost Impact (@HuffPostImpact)
11/6/13 7:00 AM
600,000 children in Greece are malnourished and living in poverty #jnj

Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo)
11/6/13 7:12 AM
@bjfr Thanks. I’ll context you early next week

perhaps he meant contact.. ?

but what a great line..

G. Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo)
11/4/13 6:43 PM
In #RedDeer (& other Canadian cities), you can pay your parking ticket with donated toys. Awesome.

shawn white (@swpax)
11/6/13 9:27 AM
@Braddo @Nsousanis @rohdesign Just discovered Sketchnote Army as well. Exciting!

Justin Stortz (@newfirewithin)
11/7/13 6:00 AM
Science!™ Think about it.


Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)
11/7/13 6:00 AM
Blood test looks for early signs of pancreatic

Ann S. Michaelsen (@annmic)
11/7/13 6:00 AM
@Ilotimo do you know any school leaders in Finland interested in this workshop? The networked leader!…

Timo Ilomäki (@Ilotimo)
11/7/13 6:03 AM
@annmic tweet same again with#finnedchat hashtag

he asked if she meant as presenters or as participants...

Ann S. Michaelsen (@annmic)
11/7/13 6:03 AM
@Ilotimo principals and school leaders to participate!

invited vs invented spaces... no?

Matthieu Aikins (@mattaikins)
11/7/13 6:03 AM
Publishing a video of detainee torture in Afghanistan with @RollingStone and @democracynowin a minute. Watch live at

Rich Kiker (@rkiker)
11/7/13 6:01 AM
U.S. government pairs up with learning platform to offer free online #elearning

Jazzcode (@jazzcode)
11/7/13 6:01 AM
Success: Not luck. The choices you make shapes the outcomes. You can become great by choice. Not big risk but buffers. @GreatbyChoiceMH

Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation)
11/7/13 6:02 AM
Wir haben mehr als 200 Anmeldung bei #impatienoptimists. Danke! Bis Freitag mitmachen & Bill Gates in Berlin treffen:

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
11/7/13 6:03 AM
Student-Created Prompts As A Differentiation Strategy…

might ask them to create their own writing prompt using one of the higher-order question-starters

so... not really...?

I then gave them a copy of a list of question-starters from Bloom’s (it’s the third page) and told them that sometimes when there might be times when other students are doing one thing, I might ask them to create their own writing prompt using one of the higher-order question-starters. One example I used was if we were reading about tornadoes, they could choose the question-starter “How can you improve_________?” and they might fill in the blank with “tornado shelters.” They would then write a one paragraph response to that prompt using the “ABC” outline (Answer the question; Back it up with a Quotation; Make a Comment or Connection — you can read more about it at My Best Posts On Writing Instruction). It would have to be something in which they had genuine interest. I also told there might be times I’d ask them to create a prompt from the list of things they listed as interests

 It would have to be something in which they had genuine interest.

in this example... genuine interest within the topic of tornadoes.
and then ..per scripted fill in the blank format..

Larry is author of self directed learning..., no?

I’ve just tried it a little so far, and it’s gone well.
I’d love to hear other ideas from readers about realistic differentiation strategies you’ve used to help your students who desire/need more of an intellectual challenge….

Jazzcode (@jazzcode)
11/7/13 6:03 AM
"The moment you are doing great is the moment to be scared. That is when hubris sets in." - Morten T. Hansen. @GreatbyChoiceMH

Distance Education (@onlinecourse)
11/7/13 6:26 AM
And the Best Paying College Major is....

Computer science majors

Not the same thing as computer engineering, computer science majors made an average of $64,000 in average starting salary. Computer science degrees involve the study of technical topics such as computer architecture and theory, artificial intelligence, data management and database administration, logic design, and network fundamentals, as well as programming languages. They also include a heavy concentration in algorithms, calculus, statistics, and other mathematical topics.

nancyflanagan (@nancyflanagan)
11/7/13 6:27 AM
“State-led initiative” wonderful sales pitch for those promoting #CCSS. But facts don't match marketing.…
The Race to the Top grant applications had to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education BEFORE the standards were actually available to the states.  In January 2010 William McCallum, one of the authors of the Common Core Math Standards, spoke at a national mathematics conference in San Francisco.  In response to questions and concerns about the compressed schedule for developing the math standards, a schedule that did not allow for pilot testing or normal editing, Mr. McCallum told his audience that his “bosses,” the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers, were being “pressed by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan who was using the possibility of getting Race to the Top money as leverage to force states to commit now to adopting uniform standards.”  He told his audience that states were committing to the adoption of the standards “sight
A visit to the web site for the Common Core State Standards, reveals that the standards are the copyrighted property of the NGA Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and may only be used if a public license is obtained.  The same web site states that every user of the standards must acknowledge this ownership, except states.  States are exempted from sharing this information with their citizens.
So the money in the federal State Fiscal Stabilization Fund and Race to the Top were the carrots.
What was the stick?  The stick was federal regulation. And it was a big one.
An examination of ESEA flexibility requests from across the country reveals that even states that did not apply for Race to the Top money, such as Texas and Virginia, were required to show how their state’s educational programs were aligned with the Common Core State Standards in order to be granted flexibility.  So even the states that did not take the carrot found themselves confronting the federal stick.
Federal regulations implementing No Child Left Behind required every state to prove that 100 percent of its students were proficient in reading and math by the end of the 2013-2014 school year, with substantial penalties for failure to demonstrate that it had attained this impossible go

penalties already seen in increased suicide rate... et al... no?
ginormous oh my to this article.
to us... no?

Michael Doyle (@BHS_Doyle)
11/7/13 6:27 AM
@irasocol @pernilleripp If a goal is set, and if it is public, humiliation becomes part of the equation.

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
11/7/13 6:30 AM
"Every person holds a place in our brain. When you change their title, a new part of our brain opens up.”
reminds of c davidson - if there were no standards (labels et al) would there be any disabilities..

Katherine von Jan (@kvonjan)
11/7/13 6:33 AM
Epiphany: value of 12 yrs of art school was the art of iteration and embracing change. Oil painting fosters mental flexibility. #goart