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The parents of children with disabilities must be educated to see the identity within a perceived illness, but the parents of prodigies are confronted with an identity and must be educated to recognize the prospect of illness within it.
Half the prodigies I studied seemed to be under pressure to be even more astonishing than they naturally were, and the other half, to be more ordinary than their talents. 
Writing in Time magazine in 2007, the educator John Cloud faulted the “radically egalitarian” values underlying the No Child Left Behind Act, which provided little support for gifted students. Once again, it falls to parents to advocate for their children’s needs, often in the face of a hostile or indifferent educational system. Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, himself a conductor and a former wunderkind, remarked dryly, “If Beethoven were sent to nursery school today, they would medicate him, and he would be a postal clerk.

Dont miss @JanetGunter of @RestartProject calling out circular economy balderdash & defining human version of repair http://t.co/0vd3o7DeXF

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Leo Liebeskind talks to 8th graders at @The_School about his social activism. He will talk at #TEDxYouth on 11/16. pic.twitter.com/5RFhC5ULZq

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Killed plans for Dominican Republic this week. Staying in Gotham to prep for very cool new offering. #ThinkRevolution #YesIAmATease

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Your life can change today when u change ur attitude its the single most valuable thing in you no body can steal #thinkrevolution

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@jimgroom getting the feeling that #opened13 is a multimedia arts festival spoiled by occassional chatter about MOOCs.
@SUNY_Purchase is having a LIVE WEBINAR on Wednesday with MeetMyCollege high school students! Have you signed up yet? #dontmissout #college

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Those Who are Different by @azjd - embrace and honour differences #cpchatjeffdelp.com/2013/11/03/tho…
began a book entitled Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, by Scott Barry Kaufman

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"People have come to believe that only complex, expensive medical treatments will be effective" ow.ly/qt1YV Disruptive treatment?
same with Ed.. no?

or worse ... perpetuated by Ed...

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11/4/13 6:55 AM
Mastery is not perfection, it is journey, and the true master must be willing to try and fail and try again. ~ George Leonard

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Kick off your week with these 6 strategies that motivate all students to participate:edut.to/1b6K8hD #edchat #motivationmonday

oh my.

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This awesome dad 3-D printed a prosthetic hand for his son on-msn.com/1dnB7Ey via @msnNOW

what maker/shared spaces can offer us - as a one world..

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"pre-feasibility group" *sigh*

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Good piece by Ambassador Ryan Crocker: "Talk to Iran, It Works"nyti.ms/1hFWdRn

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The Experience Divideshar.es/IIIm1

shoot - was thinking this might be more about convo w cristian.. on choice..
and about the whole idea behind the experience institute 

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How do you get things done? @JeffGoins has a solution-ow.ly/qrmLr

Why doing less results in doing more

Productivity isn’t about activity. It’s about momentum, creating enough movement that gives you the confidence to keep creating. In other words, meaningful work begets more meaningful work. Productivity makes you more productive.
I also began to simplify my life. What pointless decisions were taking up mental space and not leading to anything substantial? What if I just stop worrying about those decisions? What if I didn’t have to make them at all?
The principle is simple: If we reduce the amount of nonessential decisions we have to make, what’s left is more time to focus on what really matters.
simplify - talk to self
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Workplace 2020 Keynote at Leadership Summit 2013 by @dhinchcliffe #bigdata#chro slideshare.net/dhinchcliffe/w… via @SlideShare
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P2P Foundation Book of the Day: Cyborg Subjects blog.p2pfoundation.net/book-of-the-da…

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@dkernohan i really hope so because corporate jingoism will sink us, but art will save us! #sucker4life
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@jimgroom your introduction of the values of *art* to online education was probably the best internet moment in the last 10 years. #4life

There is also the concept of transformative change: “things get worse before they get better. How do you include that in your prediction of what risks may be involved? 

There is a pop culture of ‘admitting failure’ but admitting harm is different because there is a higher sense of liability and distress. “When I’m really scared shitless about what is happening in a project, what do I do?” asked one participant at the OK Con discussion sessions. “When I realize that opening data up has generated a huge potential risk to people who are already vulnerable, where do I go for help?” We tend to share our “cute” failures, not our really dismal ones. 

As one person put it, “talk about failure is currently more like a ‘cult of failure’ and there is no real learning from it.