Thursday, November 21, 2013


Our Co-Founder, @bhargreaves, will be speaking tomorrow on the future of higher education in a digital age at NYU ➜

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posted on fb by david blake - hiring homeless for degreed

J. Craig Venter creates a biological fax machine, @jackandraka is honored by the Vatican, and more #TED news briefs

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JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
11/18/13 7:40 AM
The Difference Between Practice and Theory… via@facultyfocus
 Our own classrooms are the ideal place to demonstrate the power of scientific inquiry and critical thinking that we claim to be our non-replaceable purpose as teachers.

our own cities..? no?

brklynsurfer (@BrklynSurfer)
11/20/13 6:26 AM
@kjarrett: GoldieBlox commercial rewrites the Beastie Boys, urges young girls to pursue engineering, is fabulous.

HuffPost Impact (@HuffPostImpact)
11/20/13 6:35 AM
On the blog: I am disabled and I am

How much of myself do I have to lay bare for you to accept that work, as it exists today, is a thing I cannot do? I tried, and I had to choose between powering through another year or two that would kill me or come damn close, or admitting I cannot, so that my children could grow up with a mother.