Thursday, November 14, 2013

perpetuating abuse
By using this method, teachers are modeling negative behavior of “bullying”, while presenting it to the child as “good discipline”.
so too are admin modeling this to teachers.. et al..
If so, the next steps are painful and difficult, but quite direct. Bullies can't work here.
If you don't have buy in on that, spend more time and passion and energy to get it. Not around a certain person or a certain action, but on the general irrevocable principle. An organization that is built on ideas and connection can't thrive when there's a bully in the room. If you're part of one that doesn't care about this, perhaps it's time to considering moving on.
perhaps a quicker way - is to get at the root of the problems...
our public system is creating/perpetuating people who are bullies, who are lost, who ..
and then we kick them out of our public..