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The Period, Our Simplest Punctuation Mark, Has Become a Sign of Anger | New Republic

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"this weird assumption that we have to make kids suffer in order to prepare them for life" and other misconceptions:

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Libraries need to stop concerning themselves a single physical space. The time is ripe to see the library as mobile & omnipresent

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lovely.. if we could just stop the insistence on package deals..

Hannah Arendt — Final Speech:

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26 Nov 2013 11:18 pm | ajleon
Indeed, I can run further and faster on a paved and well-set road. But I can run deeper when my foundation isn’t fully set. Where each step matters. Where I cannot coast or place my being into autopilot, where I can feel the intensity and effort of each footprint left as a remnant on the shores. Where the shifting sands make each new movement less predictable. Sometimes too, in a life, it feels as though we need a more solid foundation in order to start moving forward and gain the most traction.
But that is rarely the case.

Michael Lewkowitz (@Igniter)
11/26/13 8:01 PM
The trolls out there are frightful, and there words are oh so spiteful. Who knows what hurts them so, think I'll just let it go, let it...

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
11/27/13 6:29 AM
Africa's Technological Potential: The Next Frontier? #StartupBusAfrica via@risingvoices

Kampala, they visited KampaBits, a school teaching underprivileged youths web design, print design and web development and the students were more than grateful for the ideas and encouragement the AHT team brought to them.
A similar venture is the Startup Bus Africa. 15 African and 15 international entrepreneurs engaged in an entrepreneurial road trip to conceive ideas and establish the conditions for their implementation. The bus travelled for the first time in Africa from the 18th till the 22nd of November, from Harare in Zimbabwe to Cape Town, through Johannesburg and Bloemfontein in South Africa. Participants were coders (50%), designers (25%) and business developers (25%) all focused on the areas of mobile, healthcare and energy. One of the many outcomes of the bus trip was the platformSterio.Me, which engages young rural African learners through a simple, teacher-generated phone-call to reinforce learning outside the classroom. They also pitched to investors along the way.
The continent has an undeniable potential in high technology but a distinctive framework for Africa’s technological development smoothly integrating both the old and new cultures has yet to be established

Eric Mazur (@eric_mazur)
11/27/13 6:30 AM
On my way to Lausanne to speak about Assessment and Project-based

on the heels of Africa.. oh my

VC4Africa Mentorship (@VC4AfricaMentor)
11/25/13 6:07 AM
90+ experienced and enthusiastic business mentors at your service! Placing a request is easy (and free) @VC4Africa

Nancy Hunt (@nancyhunt)
11/27/13 6:30 AM
I just backed Kano: A computer anyone can make on

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
11/27/13 6:30 AM
4 important lessons for

Jenn Egroff (@JennEgroff)
11/22/13 2:08 PM
The u of c campus is buzzing with future entrepreneurs. Perfect spot for the @startupcalgary launch party #sclp2013

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
11/27/13 6:46 AM
Congratulations @Citi and @Walmart for winning the Best Economic Empowerment @ChamberBCLC #CitizenAwards

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
11/27/13 6:46 AM
4 Popular Marketing Buzzwords That Are Really Complete

Susan Crawford (@scrawford)
11/27/13 6:46 AM
Moving into 02138 bldg today that has a "collective agreement" w Comcast. No choice. Students: Is this legal? #captiveaudience #fcc

Lainie Liberti (@ilainie)
11/27/13 6:47 AM
Whew. Just got all the veggies washed. Time to start chopping. Anyone care to guess how much this bounty cost me...

Anya Kamenetz (@anya1anya)
11/27/13 6:57 AM
liquid thanksgiving, here I…

Seb Paquet (@sebpaquet)
11/27/13 7:01 AM
Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They…

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
11/27/13 7:01 AM
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"My Family Has Been Separated For 19 Months Now": Immigrant Activist @JuHong89 Interrupts Obama Speech

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