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Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
11/11/13 6:48 AM
What Jazz Can Teach Business About

“Planning is making decisions early and preparing develops the ability to make decisions as late as possible,” Størmer note
Reduce Emphasis on Status: While Jazz ensembles do have leaders, status and hierarchy are devalued while listening and awareness are prized.  This helps take fear out of the equation and promotes creativity.  If one team member misses a note, the others react to it not as a mistake, but as an opportunity to create something new.

yeah this:
 If one team member misses a note, the others react to it not as a mistake, but as an opportunity to create something new.

 A bored audience becomes an innovation trigger rather than a performance killer.
And that, in fact, might be Jazz’s greatest insight.  In order to improvise and adapt, the mission must be clear so that team members can act with passion and purpose rather than mere obedience to authority.

Unravelling Complex Interactions

The funny thing about complexity is that it starts out simple.  Infants learn phonemes—the basic units as language—as almost incomprehensible sounds.  As they develop, they learn to string those sounds into words and the words into sentences until, before you know it ,they are a senior business executives giving conference presentations.
We’ve taught computers to learn the same way.  We now have machines that can do legal discovery, perform medical diagnoses and even create and evaluate artistic works.  They do this not by rote procedures, but by first learning simple patterns and then learning how to combine them into complex patterns.
Ironically, while our machines can now do this almost flawlessly, our organizations cannot.  They are still largely set up around command and control, designed to perform simple operations over and over again with amazing efficiency, but have difficulty combining the patterns of those operations into something wholly new and different.
As Størmer puts it, “control is for beginners.”  We need to upgrade the software of our organizations.

Unlocking The Jazz Code

prep vs planning..

because they can't not... Bret victors principle
improv.., not only freedom to change your mind/direction ... that's the essence of the dance

Wall Street Journal (@WSJ)
11/11/13 6:48 AM
How agencies used social media to map where to direct rescue efforts for Typhoon Haiyan:

let's not wait for kindness/awareness/improv/the dance... to come out of a catastrophe 

Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby)
11/11/13 6:48 AM
We have some unique #Edchat Topics this week. Check them out and make a selection.

what if... instead of calling people to a house/hour/space/lms.... we tag like seen in Philippines..

not hastag tag... listen to live people doing/being (not just theorizing/responding) what if all our answers... connections are right in front of us... and we re missing them... for all the planning... desire to host... 
I don't know..

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
11/11/13 7:46 AM
Another Reason to Hate #TPP: It Gives Big Content New Tools to Undermine Sane Digital Rights Policies | EFF
the 8million... is explaining exactly what we already do..

what isn't a kangaroo court?

so to me.. 3rd to last paragraph... ff

much like us getting in an uproar about how unfair to judge teachers in certain ways.. ways that seem obviously inhumane.. 
yet.. it's exactly what we ve been doing to youth in schools for years...

so yeah.. to this article.. crazy..batent..
but it's been going on forever.. that's why we re so good at letting it go on... no...?

Yann Ranchere (@tek_fin)
11/10/13 4:49 AM
Forget devices, the future of technology is seeded in biology < remind me to tour bio hacking space in Paris

embrace cyborg ness.  via trust......

more trust/transparency comes from more cyborg ness

which... on the very plus side ... millions of tiny iterations... fixings.. renewings.. rebirthings.... happening as 7billion people learn to dance improv.. together... and alone

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
11/12/13 7:45 AM
One Million #OpenBadges Pledged to Recognise Learning & Skills via@digitalme_

ah... very cool modeling of too big to know ness..

yes eventually (if not already) we ll see too big to badge ness..

at least while we are paying attention/manufacturing/aware even..

because like a mirror.. the tech will just reflect a deeper picture of us...

again... badge evolution is great model of how we ll emerge.
yet not just hundreds or millions of people involved in the convo.. but 7 billion.

and not about another (excellent iteration.. but not scratching service of the dance potential) form of proof..labeling...hierarchy.. competition... extrinsic motivation..
but 24/7 about the thing each one of us cant not do.

to the point we re too busy being/doing awesome... being us.. that we don't pay attention to accolades... credentials... diplomas... and even (Langer) diplomacy... no...?

too much/big for badges..
too much/big for teachers/people.

the dance.
doing/being what matters

#FF Real-time Movements edition: @rushkoff @annagalland @Mlsif @nicco @echoditto @LoomioProject @MoveOn @pdmteam #reinventors

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Fascinating article from @Wired: Amazon Is Closer Than Ever to Running the U.S. Postal Service:

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Morgan Clendaniel (@MClendaniel)
11/14/13 7:22 AM
Do you take a lot of photos? Then you need Real-Life Instagram to snap you back to reality:…

Institute of Play (@instituteofplay)
11/14/13 7:30 AM
30 Apps Perfect For BYOD Classrooms… via@Edudemic

killer app... get me out of classroom..
or byoc. byot.. bloc
class, teacher, ... curiosity

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
11/14/13 7:30 AM
An example of why Sidecar and Lyft are Better than the Existing Taxi System | HomeFree America
We’re seeing it everywhere.  Regulators and city/state attorney’s are trying to stop the rise of the Direct Economy (from AirBnB to Kickstarter to Sidecar), a new economic system that is making it easier for all of us to make an income and get the goods/services we want at the price/quantity/bundle we want.
It’s easy to understand why.  The direct economy cuts out the middlemen and much of the corruption that makes these middlemen rich and that change makes it hard to rig the system for the benefit of a few. (@TIME)
11/14/13 7:39 AM
Introducing Rewalk, one of our 25 best inventions of 2013 (Photo: Andrew B. Myers for TIME)

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
11/14/13 7:36 AM
“We showed them what’s possible.” Better than trying to convince them first.@PPS_Placemaking @Gil_Lopez


HP Education (@HPEDU)
11/14/13 7:36 AM
"Choice menus" can help engage students in the classroom. Here's how you can make one -

spinach or rock. ness..?
if so.. better.. but not sustainably better.. no?

Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)
11/14/13 7:35 AM
No one knows as much as you know about what needs to be done. via@LollyDaskal

Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)
11/14/13 7:34 AM
Had someone say the hour UnPodcast was too long, they should be 20 minutes so she can listen to three in an hour. Fascinating.

Roper Center (@RoperCenter)
11/14/13 7:08 AM
Gallup: Do you approve or disapprove of the way #Congress is handling its job? 9% Approve, 86% Disapprove, 5% No opinion #RoperCenter

Jazz Baker (@jaycbee)
11/14/13 7:33 AM
This Tweet Explains Why Snapchat Is A Multi-Billion Dollar

Fast Company (@FastCompany)
11/14/13 7:45 AM
Actually, Do Let Them See You Sweat: The Science Behind Why Sweating Before Negotiating Is Good

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
11/14/13 7:41 AM
"69% of women & 50% of men cannot read or write" - Pakistan's Failing Education System @AJStream #infographic

what if there's a better way to address that?
ths is huge connect to malala and Jeremy and Amy... et al

totally a schooling the world mindset... so perhaps this is better ...?

not wasting as much money on race to top ness....