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the waltons are the richest family in the world, $150 billion... none of them have taken the buffett/gates giving pledge. @60minutes

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How Jordan's Queen (@QueenRania) plans to 'democratize access' to education (@chrissyfarr |... http://t.co/wMUVHfeFzz#edtech #edchat

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24/7 peripheral vision matters more in a world where you can no longer see 20/20. #wef #globalagenda

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You Can’t Reform An Education System Built on Oppression http://t.co/yWCV78KhrC

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The belief that children need to be “taught” is based on the arrogant, adult-centered belief that children are unmotivated, blank slates who will not learn unless adults force it upon them, usually in unpleasant ways. Nature endows ALL children with the passion and ability to learn what they need and want to learn on their own. Adults should not “teach” anything unless it is requested by the child- Teaching interferes with the child’s natural process of learning, inventing and creating. Unsolicited teaching interferes with children following their own innate ideas, hunches, interests and modes of expressing their conclusions, brilliance and creativity.

John Taylor Gatto proposed a radical solution that would be in alignment with nature, humane treatment of children and a democratic society: Abolish forced public schooling as it is now and establish the entire community as a community learning experience for people of all ages. Children would lead their own learning in a non-compulsory manner. Everyone, from the youngest child to the seniors in nursing homes would be welcomed to facilitate classes, and children and adults can attend – or opt out- at their choosing. Public dollars would be used to fund the necessary supplies and assist mentors of any age or specialty.
If the entire city or town were set up as a learning community for children to explore, apprentice, find resources, collect mentors and to be free to teach, attend or not attend classes, this would be the “educational reform” that would truly heal children and our culture. In open learning communities, children would have all of their bodily, developmental, emotional, social, intellectual and creative needs met. Art galleries, libraries, historical centers, community centers and cafes would all be hubs. Hopefully, diverse businesses would open their doors to be part of the process as well. The now abandoned school buildings would be used as resources and spaces, not as prisons. Anyone would be free to facilitate or attend classes, play in the gym, use the equipment, cook meals, hold meetings, clubs, groups, shows, etc.
city as school ness

"Abolish forced public schooling as it is now and establish the entire community as a community learning experience for people of all ages."

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Think the world is becoming more connected? @guardian interactive shows we're increasingly cutting each other off.http://t.co/OSOnvFLflB

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.@pearson makes a bold commitment to refocus its efforts on efficacy:bit.ly/17gyYJ9

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Thx Ned @NedBreslin: Leveraging Against Position: How 2 Leaders Are Driving Sustainability, thoughtful by@ReachScale tinyurl.com/nwckcp8
"CEOs see business caught in a cycle of ‘pilot paralysis’ – individual, small-scale projects, programs and business units with an incremental impact on sustainability metrics – and while they see a role for business in promoting sustainable development, their responsibilities to the more traditional fundamentals of business success, and to the expectations of markets and stakeholders, are preventing greater scale, speed and impact."

oh my.

According to Steiner, Waste Management produces more renewable energy than the entire U.S. solar industry and has converted 134 landfills into wildlife refuges.

“As we started to develop our own sustainability approach, we found that software tools weren’t very well-developed to gather and collect information as part of a business process. There were no links to common master data, no organized workflow and little built-in reporting standards. So we identified several different opportunities to create or improve existing tools. As a result we established our ‘enabler’ strategy to help customers use software to become more sustainable, and make it much easier to track and report progress, allowing for more time to focus on improvement.”

This year SAP published its own integrated annual and sustainability report, putting the company on the cutting edge of sustainability reporting just three years after the 2010 report that experimented with transparency for the first time. It didn’t hurt that sustainability efforts saved SAP $285 million over a similar period.

As Peter Graf shared at BSR, the initial conversations around sustainability did not yield immediate resources to implement the full Global Reporting Initiative standards. “Not interested” was the more common stance. But Graf saw a different vision of the future. His insight was that no software company could help the world’s big companies “run better” if they could not show them how to run more sustainably.

“On Monday we are publishing our very first integrated report, which means we do not report our sustainability performance separately from our annual report. Instead, we are creating one online experience that documents both our financial and non-financial performance in 2012. This allows us to explore the connections between our financial, environmental, and social performance. We see this as a big step in our journey to move from having a sustainability strategy to having a corporate strategy that is sustainable.”

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Having said that, for every negative, we must also remember the positives that outweigh them.
While walking through our school in just one class period recently, I saw Trigonometry students learning about inverse functions, computers students using Photoshop to build layered visual images, an Algebra I student demonstrating the solution to an equation on a Smart-board, FFA officers practicing speeches for upcoming state elections, English teachers co-teaching on avoiding plagiarism, chemistry students solving solution equations…all in just one hour of school!

oh my.

silent .. invisible death... no?

 Get out of the office as much as possible and into classrooms where the most positive school energy is found.


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What does design and manufacturing look like when we focus on long term access rather than individual sales/ownership? #MakeBetterStuff

If you went back to age 25, what would you change? Take even a single class that would have allowed me to be self-sufficient financially.
What do you admire in/about other women? I admire women who can be fully in their children’s lives — not helicopter parents’, living through them — but who can talk about their children with true wonder and admiration.
Is your life balanced? More than it was. I still wish I was better at really attending to my children.

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I wonder if young people were actively engaged in all aspects of society ...how would the world change?#globaled13 pic.twitter.com/oCZY7sfD2j

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Our @k12albemarle Kennedy Assassination Resource Site keeps growing sites.google.com/site/acps360/h…how can your students build resources like this?

Far-right supporters "patrol" streets of #Sofia to stop and question migrants. Unbelievable and illegal: http://t.co/SVnPrWH4i4via @Dnevnik

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