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johnmaeda (@johnmaeda)
11/26/13 5:01 AM
"You are ... what you do ... when it counts." —John Steakleyrisd.cc/16wPV29

You are
What you do
When it counts.
In summary, we are extraordinary as the situation demands. Luckily the situation in one’s life fluctuates all the time from the challengingly hard to the oh-so-soft to the largely unnoticed, and wonderful quiet of, just plain living. JM
Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
11/26/13 5:01 AM
Charter Schools: A Primer wp.me/p2GmBR-7p via@plthomasEdD

NWP Digital Is (@NWPDigital_Is)
11/26/13 7:01 AM
RT @dmlresearchhub: A Guide to Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: bit.ly/Xs0y0z#connectedlearning #nwpam13 #nwp

James M. Lang (@LangOnCourse)
11/26/13 5:38 AM
Three small ways tenured faculty can help adjuncts; add your own suggestions in the comments!chronicle.com/article/The-Lo… #highered @Adjuncts

spot on holt quote..

we know exactly what to do..

we can do it.
it will work..

Dorothy Day once observed that we could solve the homeless problem in America if every family simply took in one extra person. We can't quite solve the adjunct problem in the same way; there aren't enough full-time jobs for all of the adjuncts who want one. But we can at least help the adjuncts on our campuses bulk up their job files, and we can take the time to demonstrate an interest in their work and careers.

... comparing apples to oranges..

live with homeless..
to have their own full pay job....


open committee membership is closer to first example..

and just imagine the solutions   suggestions we are missing with closed input...

benefits return to college that pays the bill...?

oh my.

Harvard University (@Harvard)
11/26/13 7:05 AM
See House life at Harvard, where communities eat, sleep, study and play together under the same roof [video] ow.ly/raT6W

Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher)
11/25/13 2:28 PM
Me, the filibuster, and some other Presidential stuff. whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/11/2… (Well, that's how I'd title the video.)

Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher)
11/22/13 5:09 PM
Found a book store with a full service restaurant. So the extra day’s going to be just fine.

or a book share.. with restaurant.. no?

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
11/26/13 7:24 AM
Download for free our first E-Book. "EU in Crisis" bit.ly/1dxZW4e also avaliable in 8 languages.#Freebook

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so spot on... immensely....