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Tim Berners-Lee: “Vigilância prejudica confiança das pessoas na web”

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So @alaa was summoned by prosecutor. He said fine, I'll turn myself in. Instead, they arrest him, beat up his wife @manal.

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What is people are justfying what is happening to the @Alaa h others & saying the law must be followed. #Egypt #عبث

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"Slow torture": Finland’s mould-ridden schools causing breathing difficulties for kids, 250k kids and staff affected

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A reflection on labs and the stamina to have real impact  -> A Lab of Labs (via @Pocket) - #systemic

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Sylvia LibowMartinez (@smartinez)
11/28/13 5:40 PM
Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Free Invent To Learn eBook

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
11/29/13 6:55 AM
This one’s called “The Speed Limit.”

\RT @hanelly: "All this technology is making us antisocial"” (great, great picture)

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We find that it's pretty difficult to engage in critical reflection when we're in a “selling” and “persuasion” mode—that is, the mode we're often in when we go to social innovation conferences, meet funders, and reach out to potential partners and colleagues.

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Abominable RT @RyanNewYork: 48% of American public school kids live in poverty

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CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning)
11/29/13 6:35 AM
Inspiration is defined by its impermanence --@JasonSilva

Alex Osterwalder (@AlexOsterwalder)
11/29/13 6:57 AM
Customer Profile japanese style

ingrid cruz (@ingridiswriting)
11/29/13 6:58 AM
RT: @miabuelasabia: La paz de la mente no es la ausencia de conflictos de la vida, sino la capacidad de enfrentarse a ellos.

Ira Socol (@irasocol)
11/29/13 7:00 AM
@NickKristof news organizations mostly need to listen more and more widely. Interaction will get you audience

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
11/29/13 7:00 AM
Google Lat Long: Tour Builder: Tell your stories with Google Earth…

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
11/29/13 7:01 AM
For ThxGiving: Experts say need 2find new narrative that creates confidence 2take more radical steps@GuardianSustBiz…

ok.. got it.. a new/old narrative... for 7 billion people.
exponentially sustainable. doable. urgent.

Joe Bower (@joe_bower)
11/29/13 7:14 AM
Rise Above the Mark - Premiere Trailer #abed #ableg #edtech #bced #onted #edreform…

Nigel Cameron (@nigelcameron)
11/27/13 11:14 AM
As usual, full of insight. RT @GregCan: From @CathyNDavidson , one of the best pieces on college cost that I've read:

Michael Doyle (@BHS_Doyle)
11/29/13 7:27 AM
@irasocol @mtechman "Hour of Anything" fascinates me--we have so little connection now to how hours happened.#Time #Clocks #astronomy #god

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
11/29/13 7:28 AM
#Sweden to weaken transparency laws, increase

UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees)
11/29/13 7:30 AM
More than a million children have fled #Syria, & 75% of them are under age 11 – that’s around 800,000 young children #FutureofSyria

Alfie Kohn (@alfiekohn)
11/29/13 7:36 AM
US Incarceration rates over time ( & as compared to other countries (, p.2). Astounding.Ira Socol (@irasocol)
11/29/13 7:37 AM
@BHS_Doyle @mtechman if you've never read Hoeg's Borderliners you need to. Essential on education and concepts of time
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
11/29/13 7:40 AM
Agenda journalism RT @YousefMunayyer UNREAL @nytimes story on Palestinian refugee experience quotes Israelis but precisely ZERO Palestinians
RT @ruchealain: Are we a material?
A material that can regenerate itself when damaged

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"Let cities, the most networked and interconnected of our political associations, ... do what states cannot"

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#WhatIf it takes a city for a sharing economy to thrive? “@FastCoExist: Here's how.” @thewhatifllc #SocEnt

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Coursera lands $20 million in new funding, despite online education turmoil (via @rayschroeder) #elearning #edtech

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