Sunday, July 8, 2012

what matters most

perhaps realizing that free contract - the intention economy - whatever you want to call it - means.. we get to decide. 
so - what matters most to us - as a person, a city, a country, a globe.. our choice.
decide yourself - on the blue car, in detox, whatever
be you. - convo with self
then let's decide in a city - come together (we can learn to listen to each other again - with or without tech)
be us. - convo with others

the law was made for the needs of the people.. it wasn't made for people to succumb to its requirements.
things change. what matters changes.
so let's change the laws.. free contract...
let's make sure that our days matter and we're not just going through the motions laws today apparently seem to be mandating.

but let's listen to bmif (kaplan) and let the conversation be a gb shaw conversation. let's not lace it with what most are mindlessly miming what success is (ie: college/career readiness, keeping up with other countries math test scores, math topics at all)

ravitch - 11:20 - freedom and the encouragement of creativity
and 21:23 - let's de -mystify standardized testing...
and 48:33 - we have to keep listening - maybe we're wrong
about 50 - she's saying that the outrage will make a diff
this is about a year ago..
perhaps less about outrage.. more about just doing.. finding/doing a different way - rather than being upset with what we have.
a quiet revolution: focus on the process of learning. prepping for uncertainty. model and facilitate the ability to know what to do when you don't know what to do. that frees up tons of time/money/people - and so we can now call that public ed. facilitate curiosity. choice empowers. empowerment sustains and scales across.

pammoran (@pammoran)
7/7/12 7:42 PM
@lasic curricula is too often a forced march ... should be more improvisation ... a dance

pammoran (@pammoran)
7/7/12 7:56 PM
@rogre @effectsofNAPLAN @lasic @Pinball_Lez @hoosjon pentagon says no stndrd prblms./solutions in t2day's world- need multii-solution minds

pammoran (@pammoran)
7/7/12 7:59 PM
@rogre @effectsofNAPLAN @lasic @Pinball_Lez curiosity, ?s, inventive ideas challenge-@DanielPink: schl gives kids 2 choices- comply or defy

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
7/7/12 8:31 PM
This is what the of public education looks like…

sarah kathleen peck (@sarahkpeck)
7/7/12 8:50 PM
"The number one barrier to belonging? Trying to fit in." (Aka show up as yourself, not who you think people want you to be) @BreneBrown #WDS

Luann Lee (@stardiverr)
7/8/12 8:08 AM
@pernilleripp How can we take back the profession part of our profession?
this one made me think of Steven Pressfields latest book - turning pro.... great read. and that's how.

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
7/8/12 7:52 AM
Fitzgerald knew. [pic] —

Phil Macoun (@pmacoun)
6/25/12 8:37 PM
RT @dwarlick#lehmannism - "Inquiry is not asking students questions that we know the answers to."#iste12 #bclearns

Mike Klonsky (@mikeklonsky)
7/8/12 7:25 AM
I can't get behind AFT's resolution on Common Core Standards. To me it contradicts their resolution on testing.

Fred Bartels (@fredbartels)
7/8/12 7:31 AM
Ridiculously overpaid CEOs are courageous leaders, right? Nope. Mitch says they're afraid of…

Jason Silva (@jason_silva)
7/8/12 7:20 AM
There are things worth believing in; there are things worth being passionate about; and so our action must not be a reaction but a creation.

Sinan Si Alhir (@SAlhir)
7/8/12 7:28 AM
"@paulocoelho: Facing the difficulties, we can choose either to be a poor victim or an great adventurer"

see how smart we are...
i'm feeling like JR - saying at 5:33 . ... don't tell me there aren't enough people in the world that want peace....

let's co-create. what it takes is people - people wanting to turn pro - people finding the thing they can't not do - and doing that.
let's co-create a new standard - that it's about what matters most.

let's redefine public ed - to - facilitating curiosity. with tech today - we can do that. within cities..