Thursday, July 12, 2012

common core math

Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu)
7/11/12 4:45 PM
Thot @DataDiva said the #CCSS assessments wld be better than what we now have. This doesn't look better #edchat

i love Lisa.. had to capture her convo on this...

 CTE faded away in NYC when regents were forced upon all who wanted a HS diploma. More time for  tests means less time for CTE
 It's a carrot if other options are not presented or available.
Common Core State Standards - The precursor to testing the crap out of kids 
 ccss has the ability to eliminate cte. But, these programs shd absolutely give more than one way to prove mastery.
 It's not an absolute, but you must do as someone else says or you don't get the carrot. Call it what you might.
 Schools don't push and encourage curriculum or tests. Do them or you don't get that shiny piece of paper out the end.
 Most kids don't have a choice to opt out of classes if they want the prize society tells them they need.
 There shd be more than one road to and type of diploma.
 You can play w/semantics, but folks want a diploma and they are forced to do these things or be seen as a loser.
 My problem as I shared is that with me force doesn't work. Nor do textbooks, teachers, tests. Bad environment for my learning.
 nothing that I found useful, meaningful, relevant, etc. My learning happened when I escaped school. I'm not all, but not alone.
 have to stop thinking kids need 2 b forced. School system is making it that way. Not kids fault they work for sticks & carrots.
 being pushed, encouraged, and fostering buy in is very different than being forced.
 School models empowering youth shd be allowed to be public. Montessori, Reggio, Democratic, etc. They'll figure it out if allowed
 Make it legal and let the rest follow. They don't let that stop the implementation of 
 Remember, I was the good honors student who hated every minute and learned nothing.
 And what abt all the students like me who don't learn fr teachers, tests, textbooks. There shd be options.
 Also, as you know, students don't need teachers to learn. A motivated student learns in many ways.
 Who owns the learning? Students are forced to sit in classes the find boring / irrelevant. Not necessary.
 I never said don't expose. I said don't force. Also, we cld never learn everything but if a student has a passion, let them follow
 The PD wldn't be hard. These schools have it. What support do parents currently get? This would be a "choice" for them.
 Public ed won't even fund Democratic schools. Changing that wld be a start.
 When we let students opt out offerings need to take into account student wants, desires, requests.
 A student should be able to opt out when they find what they're learning is not helpful to them. Works in settings that allow it.
 Why are standards created by publishers and politicians everyone's foundation? Why can't that be customized?
 Students would not choose not to learn. They would choose to learn what they cared about.
 Glad you do. Teachers & principals I speak to are sick over doing things they know hurt kids & make them sick. My faith has limits
 I'm not saying options shouldn't be provided. I AM saying they shouldn't be forced.
 INever heard of an unschooled or democratically schooled kid who didn't learn to read. They ALL choose to learn what they need.
 If given the choice few wld choose not to read. You must up your faith in kids. They want to learn what they care about.
 No. I wasn't able to opt out of math or Am history. I was forced to take it, be tested on it & I walked away knowing none of it.
  I disagree. I don't want to be forced to know it OR be assessed. Offer it up, sure. Many wld still just say no.
 Understood, but we as educators must rail against this BS and disable the politicians / publishers fr using kids as pawns
 Knowing this should be a choice, not forced. Folks like me would NEVER choose this and that's okay. I'm pro choice for ed.
 Because we are different and many wld rather focus on what we care abt, are interested in, & find relevant to our lives.
But  , I really want to know why you think EVERYONE needs to know this  I don't & I don't want to
  Digitizing crap doesn't change the fact that it's crap. Assessment can/shd be done in the classroom by a teacher.
Haha!    Sample questions are not test samplers. Really? Gov inst contradicts itself. Shocker!
 Say what you want, but a  sample question sure as heck looks like an assessment to me & that slice of it sucks.
 I'll take it further & say not everyone needs the same skill set.
 They are common core sample questions. They are assessments. And, why don't we know them & why aren't educators more involved?
Why not have standards that are abt helping people achieve personal success rather than abt subjects?  
What is objectionable abt  is 1) The standards come w/these tests 2) Everyone needn't know the same things 
 Another thought. Support students in developing a learning team. If not parents, support them in asking others.
 I cldn't pass that test, yet I have a career. These tests are BS & the kids suffer.
Thot  said the  assessments wld be better than what we now have. This doesn't look better