Wednesday, July 11, 2012

cathy - core curriculum

Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson)
7/11/12 7:05 AM
A Core Curriculum To Create Engaged Entrepreneurs via@FastCoExist

via student voice:
So I kinda love it...mostly because she took an applicable word and made it work for her acronym...I love stuff like that. I think POWER could lead to a SUCCESS program. I feel like this person has the right idea...but it's continuing to reach only the students who actually make it to college...feel me? When I think of educational reform...I think of pre/elementary/middle/high school reform because THAT is where kids slip through the cracks...once you get to've already made it successfully through 12 years of school, honestly what's 4 more? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the service idea. Honestly, if you did your program but incorporated a "senior" year service project in the states, students would head into college etc.. with a MUCH better bigger bolder perspective of the world. I think it's great, i love to see service involved in any program because i feel it's super important...but still feel like the at risk pop is left out here! that's where your program fixes it... :)