Friday, April 6, 2012

sugata mitra

  • socrates... students were supposed to use their heads..
  • all you need is a few young people and one old man.. 
  • could it be that arithmetic is an obsolete skill..
  • watch the learner.... if there's no interest.. pay attention.. there's something wrong
  • humans love the box.. interesting and irrelevant

  • when children are exposed.. in unsupervised groups
  • great teaching method.. leave resources... and leave alone
  • learners aren't supposed to invent pedagogies.. but they did.. no?
  • the method of the grandmother (mentor alongside) - just listen ..
  • switch from the method of the mother to the method of the grandmother

  • there came his granny cloud

control (my mind is flashing to colegacy video - what/why do we keep measuring? and worse - deciding what to measure)

  • problem - if they can read, search, put facts together.. at what point should they believe..?

so - what if we start with the belief.. the why?

  • Negropante - can children learn to read on their own.
  • if the answer is yes.. then ed is turned on it's head..
  • answer to that question will lie the future of learning..

beyond hole in the wall

ah.. i knew negropante sounded familiar.. solve for x

  • primary ed is the world's biggest problem
  • what you have to learn in primary ed is learning itself - and then becoming passionate about it

  • so what can they learn by themselves
  • again - if we can show they can teach themselves to read..

then amy told me to look into peter gray