Friday, April 6, 2012

project glasses


so is reality getting blurred? or could they allow reality to happen?..

they'll ( the glasses) keep kids from focusing in math class?
really? have we sat through the day of a kid in school lately..?

we get to choose what's good or bad..
but the conversation needs to start in our own heads.. no?

your head, if left alone.. in a space of permission (where you don't feel you need to prove anything) will choose good.. no?
and will choose others..
and will fall in love with mathematical thinking..

perhaps.. compulsion is something we could be spending our time questioning.. in our own heads...?
have you ever wondered about our ability (or perhaps our passivity, .. our blurriness), to notice or allow or take kids on some great venture.. ie: maybe we do pbl, maybe they find a cure, compose an opera, write a novel, lead a cause, .... et al, and still..... end all of our sentences with... and they still did well on the tests...

are these glasses a marketing scheme we have no control over?
have we not taken a close look at the repulsive amounts of money's spent on compulsion and
this obsession with testing...proving.. distrust..?

it's very simple really.
let's start using our heads.

let's start taking the time to talk to ourselves. we're smarter than this.
we know too much not do good.. seek good..

I decide not to judge... without knowing more details. -mockingjay