Saturday, April 7, 2012

one day on earth

ah.. music.. lovely..

I wanted to share with you the One Day on Earth Music video created with the help
of Cut Chemist and film makers across the community:

The process of combining music from across the world on 10.10.10 is an exciting
technique we use across the film. Hopefully this will give you a taste.

With the global screening fast approaching we are working hard to confirm venues
and will be releasing a list soon. Thank you for your patience, we will get back
to you. If you still think you would like to host a screening please sign up to
do so as soon as possible at
Any general inquires about screening can be sent to
The creation of this first film from 10.10.10 has been an amazing journey. With
honor and gratitude I thank everyone our community for their support. I look forward
to sharing our film with you soon.

thank you

Kyle Ruddick
One Day on Earth

A few more helpful links: