Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sam chaltain

a new great follow... that started with a tweet from @paulawhite

A national grassroots campaign that was designed to focus the country’s attention on three core pillars of successful education reform – powerful learning environments, highly-effective teaching in every classroom, and a system committed to ensuring fairness for all children.

3 psa's
The Learning PSA
The Teaching PSA
The Fairness PSA

here's paula's own incredible post on a challenge to act.

looks like i have a lot to learn today...

by the way.. this is stoking me.
1) it’s showing my personal growth.
a year ago.. i would have bailed by now. i’d be back in my classroom. doing cool private things.
2) it’s adrenalizing me. (to create new words even)
the more we zoom out and zoom in (maybe that’s why they think getpivot is the first engine to treat the web like a web) – the more we find doable things that can make us better.