Monday, July 26, 2010

james bach - buccaneer

i just got james's book in the mail. i ordered it after hearing him live in @stevehargadon 's future of ed series in elluminate. - my notes from that here.
1st two pages are worth the whole book.. (and i'm sure it will get even better.)

 a peek into his thinking - just 3 of the gems:
1.  Education is important. School is not. I didn't need school. Neither do you.
2. School can help your education. Maybe you like school. If it's fun, stay with it.
3. School is temporary. Education is not.
If you want to prosper in life: find something that fascinates you and jump all over it. Don't wait for someone to teach you; your enthusiasm will attract teachers to you. Don't worry about diplomas or degrees; just get so good that no one can ignore you.

whoa.. right?..
dang - i need that speed reading course..