Sunday, October 24, 2010

lisa gansky

why she wrote the mesh..

the mesh in less than 300 words by John Moore

love this interview of environment - first question she answers with:
the connection i guess is me...

notice her demeanor - great question - thank you.

used to be "cash hides all sins" - now it's sharing.

she's big on waste... she's very reworkish (fried) with things
as fried is to time
gansky is to things
neither want to waste them

i'm sure they both bleed over - that's just resonating in my head right now...

one more on the future of the internet:

the web (got social and now) is getting physical... meetups.... in a genuine community way
tech hasn't really been packaged for people... that's what's coming - now all the puzzle pieces are out and people are going to start testing some things... going to start feeling "warm"

huge: it's about finding the balance

the internet is not going to solve anything.
but we better and we can.

this is about the web getting personal - you now get to decide what you value..

ok - one more - on women in tech:

be really comfortable in your own skin...
you have to be able to stand up to your ideas
find people that will tell you you are full of it.
most of all: find someone who buys your story early and is willing to give you a chance.

awkward for a man to take orders from women..
most clever women who have a lot of power don't give a lot of orders that look conspicuously like orders..

another book review via @benvitale