Thursday, August 29, 2013


Ashoka (@Ashoka)
8/28/13 6:05 AM
The Path Out Of Poverty For New York City's At-Risk Youth Is Simple (But Complicated) #NYC #SocEnt #socinn

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
8/27/13 6:30 AM
Success is communal. --@TimWKrause

Follow these gals for an IQ injection! 25 of the smartest women on Twitter: @annmcharles v @FortyOver40

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Freedom from fear is the beginning of freedom. “@DoingtheMax: @umairh can we have complete security and complete freedom simultaneously?”

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WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
8/29/13 6:37 AM
New interview with Julian #Assange on his senate run next week… join/donate:

WikiLeaks ‘the organisation’ has long had a reputation for advocating institutional transparency and the free flow of information, with scant regard for the laws that may or may not exist to prevent this. There now seems to be a new focus on bringing the movement’s ideology into the mainstream through political participation. Many have queried whether this attempted metamorphosis of WikiLeaks from anarchist challenger to legitimate political movement can work in practice. Is there not an inherent conflict in trying to be part of the very machinery of government you’ve spent years challenging?
“Not at all,” says Assange. “In fact I think they are complementary.”
It is not the goal to disable government, but to improve it by creating greater accountability.
“You would think that one of the two major parties in seeking to gain extra electoral advantage would make it an issue, but because they have other loyalties, they’re too scared to do that,” says Assange
100% ness - no?

Adam Fletcher (@bicyclingfish)
8/29/13 6:37 AM
My latest blog entry The Value of

perhaps add to last sentence:
model.. rather than teach..
or perhaps..  unteach by modeling

Bert van Lamoen (@transarchitect)
8/29/13 6:39 AM
Leadership by decree isn’t leadership.

Democracy Now! (@democracynow)
8/29/13 6:41 AM
Last Week: Syrian Activist on Ghouta Attack: "I Haven’t Seen Such Death in My Whole Life" #Syria

John Hagel (@jhagel)
8/29/13 6:41 AM
3D printing heralds new age of architecture where curves and more dense edges become more prominent

But you would never want to print a coffee mug, not even a silly one. For the moment, the cool thing about the technology is that it’s better suited to protoyping shapes rather than reproducing existing ones. Plus, gift shops the world over have shown us that novelty mugs are always a bad idea.