Thursday, August 15, 2013

greg satell on math

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
8/15/13 6:42 AM
Why Math

unless... it's the wrong game.
school math (mostly assumed facts and algorithms) perpetuates wrongness... encouraging us to continue on toward said/assumed goal... without questing ..esp without zooming out.

this speaks of what school has done in separating math out like this..
d pope research at stanford - 95% admit to cheating
e mazur at harvard - come in with a 5 on ap physics test - don't do as well as those w/o even taking course
yet - #'s of remedial uni courses on the rise..

we get an a+ on taking the tests- but is that really our question? or goal? 

i smell the same here. bravo to silver - no doubt - but what if our judicial system isn't boding us well - being able to predict who wins it - perhaps not as helpful as changing it.

the dance matters.
if we aren't using tech for what it wants to do - bring us back to us - help us see each other better - expose our interconnectedness.. do the crazy math - deal with the chaos - (that the awake and functioning neocortex-ness has decided matters) -  -  we'll most likely get caught up in the glitz/addiction/perpetuation (of tech or math or horseback riding for its own sake) and miss our true north/goal - miss our chance to do/be/make work/play that matters - to people - every day.

like getting better or getting at betterness..